Access control to Internet in administrations and health organizations

Protect your employees and optimize their productivity. SurfPass is a simple and effective way to protect employees from malicious sites and for implementing a policy of Internet use. This is an investment that pays for itself in just a few months thanks to a pricing without subscription.

Use an effective and versatile web and Internet filtering system. SurfPass URL filtering works with black lists by category. SurfPass can perform SSL/TLS inspection (HTTPS decryption with public key).

Benefit from a flexible parameter setting. The user groups and user profiles allow to give personalized and sufficient rights to each service of your organization.

SurfPass can protect all kinds of networks such as cities, counties and hospitals, thanks to its explicit proxy mode and transparent proxy mode, its Active Directory synchronization and its Remote Desktop compatibility. SurfPass can easily replace an existing proxy solution in a completely transparent way for clients using the previous proxy settings.

keep conformity with the local laws.

Rely on a skilled technical support which will answer to all your questions, from installation to maintenance.

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