Internet filtering for schools

SurfPass matches perfectly the needs of education institutions, from K12 to universities

SurfPass is the only software to offer all the features you need: filtering, monitoring visited Web sites both in real-time and recorded, connection time limits, timetable based access control, planning, centralized management.
The level of filtering can be differentiated according to the age of the students, and even disabled for teachers and administrative staff.

Easy installation, effective protection, on PC and tablets

  • Wifi hotspot mode compatible with all mobile devices of the market, including tablets running Android or iOS. No application installation is necessary on the terminals.
  • SafeSearch mode to filter text and images from search engines like Google.
  • SurfPass allows SSL/TLS inspection (HTTPS decryption with public key).
  • Optional authentication with Active Directory or captive portal.
  • SurfPass is a Windows application that is easy to install, to configure and to administer.
  • SurfPass can operate in explicit proxy mode or tansparent proxy mode.
  • SurfPass can easily replace an existing proxy solution in a completely transparent way for clients using the previous proxy settings.

Licenses are perpetual. There is no subscription fee for the software or the filtering black-lists.

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