SurfPass Feature List

Organization of the parameters by user profiles and by computer profiles
Organization of the users and the computers by groups
Fully centralized administration
Compatible with virtual machines
Explicit proxy or transparent proxy mode
Several gateways with centralized parameters
Port forwarding (transparent proxy)
Several VLAN in the same LAN adaptator (transparent proxy)
User Authentication
Transparent. Uses the name or IP address of the client computer
Active Directory with the optional client agent
Active Directory with the Windows / NTLM authentication
Captive portal with internal user accounts
Captive portal with Active Directory credentials (Android / iOS included)
SSL/TLS inspection (HTTPS decryption with public key)
Safesearch mode to filter text and images from search engines like Google
Filtering by black lists (30 predefined categories)
Automatic downloading of the black lists
Filtering by white lists
Black lists and white lists customisable
Changing the filter profile according to a timetable
Rules to block specific files (.exe, mp3, divx, etc…)
Blocking ports and services other than Web (ftp, email, chat….)
Mode "Deny all": all ports are denied, except few ones: 80, 443...
Recording of user sessions and visited sites up to one year in depth
Search by date, user, user group, computer, computer group and combination of criteria.
Details per site: date, time, incoming and outgoing bytes, total users ...
Several reports: authorized and prohibited sites, events
Compromise indicators for the 10 most suspicious computers of the LAN
Export of the history in HTML
LAN Monitoring
Recording of Windows user sessions (date, duration, computer, user)
Prevent simultaneous sessions
Restrict a user group to a computer group
Real-time monitoring of Windows sessions currently open
Time Management
Timetable for session opening
User accounts with unlimited credit-time
User accounts with limited credit-time usable in only one session or several sessions
Recharging of the limited user accounts by the operator
Recharging of the limited user accounts automatically each day/week/month
Simplified administrator account for the creation and recharging of user accounts
Real-time commands
Temporarily allow Internet access for a computer or group of computers
Temporarily block Internet access for a computer or group of computers
Disconnect a computer or a group of computers
The command is ended manually or scheduled from 30 seconds to 12 hours
Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows 2016, 2012 R2, 2012 and 2008 R2 (server)
Compatible with all client operating systems, Wi-Fi hotspots included
Compatible with thin clients TSE / Citrix

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