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  • The number of users of the licenses is the maximum number of simultaneously connected Internet users. This is generally the number of desktops and mobile machines on the network, plus any Remote Desktop users and self-connected devices such as printers or specialized servers.
  • The US$ total is provided as an indication, the real value may vary depending on currency fluctuation.
    The conversion between currencies is automatic.
  • For updates from version 6, please contact our sales department.

 Item  Reference  Price  Quantity  Subtotal (EUR) 
 SurfPass v7 20 users  SP7CRPRET20  690.00 
 SurfPass v7 50 users  SP7CRPRET50  960.00 
 SurfPass v7 100 users  SP7CRPRET100  1290.00 
 SurfPass v7 250 users  SP7CRPRET250  1860.00 
 SurfPass v7 500 users  SP7CRPRET500  2490.00 
 SurfPass v7 1000 users  SP7CRPRET1000  3800.00 
(US$ 0)